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Architecture always was and always will be a mirror of society. Every architectural project contributes to the wider culture of architecture, is a reflection of contemporary technology and, therefore, carries a greater responsibility to its public and to the environment. We understand the correlation between the architectural synergy of iconic buildings and the balance of a thriving ecosystem and aim at a complete congruity in all its components. Using the latest advances in computing and building technology we want to reposition the role of man in the natural environment. We take our cues from technology, nature and mankind to provide an enhanced reality and bring new intensity to the artificial environment. We strive to challenge the common perception of architecture as the production of square meters. Our projects will unify the concepts of structure, space and architectural expression to create a unique, limitless experience. The Laboratory for Visionary Architecture seeks to continually define new boundaries in the creation of architectural visions and city space. LAVA's research and design focus allows the evolution of architectural and urban design outcomes inaccessible through traditional methodologies. Our process continually evolves; responding to global and market forces to deliver high quality, technologically advanced and sustainable projects that inspire a new generation. LAVA Sydney and Stuttgart already have become hotspots and breeding grounds for a new generation of architectural talent.

Competence: Visionary Architecture

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