Foto © John Gollings
Foto © Anthony Richardson
Foto © Anthony Richardson
Foto © Anthony Richardson
Foto © Anthony Richardson
Foto © Anthony Richardson
Foto © John Gollings
Foto © John Gollings
MAP studio
Queen Victoria Gardens, 3121 Melbourne
Naomi Milgrom Foundation
Francesco magnani, Traudy Pelzel, Gabriele Martella, Matteo Sirinati

Lightcatcher, MPavilion 2021 by MAP studio, opened 2nd December in Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne.
The kaleidoscopic open steel structure on four u-shaped concrete columns, hosting the mirror panels, conceived as a container of ideas that reflect and amplify both the people and cultural activity taking place under it, it is now realized.
We believe that the kaleidoscope structure takes on a double meaning of an urban lighthouse to gather people around as an expression of new hope and to glitter our minds into appreciating new horizons. But it's also a kind of warning: it is not a shelter in nature as the previous pavilions were, but an element of amplification of human activities in nature as a metaphor of man's current condition—inspiring an aspect of new awareness of this fragile situation.
In 2021, MPavilion celebrates its longest-ever season of programming, featuring a range of international and local collaborations, the slate includes over 400 in-person events, spanning talks, workshops, performances, kid-friendly experiences, community projects and installations.

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