Sorrento House

Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors (RMA) are specialists in the design of high-end residential and commercial architecture and rich, layered interior spaces.

With over 20 years experience RMA has become established as the architect of choice amongst discerning Australian residential clients, looking for a holistic approach to land, architecture, interiors and landscaping.

“We have an inherent understanding of how the unique urban and rural landscape responds to the built environment and as a result we unlock its potential. This natural ability allows us to discover the best solutions, designing living spaces that play to the strengths of the Australian climate while remaining international in philosophy and execution’, says Rob Mills.

RMA’s talented and committed team offers architecture, interiors, and decoration all under one roof while collaborating closely with landscape designers empathetic to their overall vision. This approach has equipped them to deliver specialised insights with consummate skill, which allows these complementary disciplines to inform one another. The result is residences that are exceptional to live in in terms of light, air, the flow of space, the quality of the interior design and the balance of functionality with attention to detail.

Harnessing natural light and air, sounds and space, and combining these elements with innovative technologies, Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors create great living spaces that are airy, light-filled and acoustically in-tune with the sounds of nature and the natural rhythm of the home — a fluid blend of unparalleled form and function.

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