Judy van Gelderen

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Judy is a landscape architect with over 30 year’s experience in the integration of broad scale landscape planning, the integration of infrastructure and urban design, through to the detail landscape design for public domain projects. She employs environmentally sustainable approaches to the landscape and implementation of large-scale green infrastructure projects.

Her passion lies in understanding and exploring the connectedness with the landscape, (large and small scale projects) and in large scale environmental projects, especially those dealing with nature, culture and water. Judy has a Doctorate in Environmental Design, has won multiple awards for her work with sensitive water design, environmental planning, landscape architecture and urban design. Judy has experience in all aspects of landscape architecture from the broad scale open space planning of new towns, to concept design route selection for a 40km road corridor, to foreshore parks/public domain, to landscape character and visual assessment, to detailed urban/landscape design for tender, and on site surveillance with contractors.

As her expertise spans a wide experience base, Judy often leads multi-disciplinary teams, with strategic vision, sound environmental ethics, and a cooperative approach to integrate the big picture so that the outcomes reflect a sense of place, sustainable principles, and community aspirations. Adding to her string of achievements, Judy is also a Churchill Fellow (2000), and in her fellowship, she researched sustainable water planning and design through developments in Europe and Israel.

Key expertise include:

  • Advanced interdisciplinary skills to achieve triple bottom line outcomes

  • Specialist in water sensitive planning /creative rainwater design

  • Creating landscapes that are unique and responsive to place and people

  • Green infrastructure- planning integrated “blue/green” open space systems, green walls, green roofs

Miguel Wustemann

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Miguel has nearly 30 years of experience as an architect (trained in The United States and registered as an architect in Germany), city and regional planner specialising in urban design, bridge design and infrastructure planning. Combination of his experience and skills enable him to deliver innovative, effective and seamlessly integrated design solutions.

Miguel has been involved in numerous Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) projects in the last 13 years leading the urban design discipline. He also has key experience in undertaking visual and landscape character impact assessments for infrastructure projects including in sensitive settings such as heritage areas, urban environments and environmental protection zones.

His broad experience on a variety of international projects lays a basis for thorough understanding of complex issues regarding urban environments, their interfaces and functional integration. Miguel works collaboratively on projects with day-to-day contact with engineers to ensure integrated outcomes and great value to the project team.

  • Works collaboratively across multidisciplinary project teams

  • Ability to incorporate seamless and innovative architectural solutions

  • Extensive experience in infrastructure type projects

  • Visual impact assessment expertise for infrastructure projects