Footbridge Hafen Grimberg

Gelsenkirchen, Germany
schlaich bergermann partner
Gelsenkirchen, Germany

The bridge is perfectly embedded in the surrounding road and path network as well as the Erzbahntrasse which leads from the Jahrhunderthalle in Bochum to the Grimberg port in Gelsenkirchen. In a circular form it crosses over the Rhine-Herne-Channel. The asymmetric suspension elegantly and significantly marks the end point of the Erzbahntrasse. The ramps follow the path network and the structural clearances for the paths and the canal are taken into account, which then lead tangential to the main bridge’s circle. A tensioned pylon of 45 m height on the northern bank supports the whole bridge structure. The superstructure consists of a steel box girder with concrete slabs for the bridge deck that are connected monolithically with the supports. This gives the structure a singular constructional appearance that produces a clear and transparent design.

Regionalverband Ruhr

Form + Structure

Length bridge
153 m

Length ramp
south 35 m
north 37 m

3 m

Total span
141 m

Height mast
40 m (+ 5 m mast top)

sbp / Michael Zimmermann

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