Plough and Harrow Playground

Plough & Harrow
Photo © Simon Wood
Plough & Harrow Water Learning
Photo © Simon Wood
Plough & Harrow Wheel
Photo © Simon Wood
Plough & Harrow Bridge
Photo © Simon Wood
Plough & Harrow Shed
Photo © Simon Wood
Plough & Harrow Sketch
Drawing © GroupGSA
Plough & Harrow Maze
Photo © Simon Wood
Elizabeth Drive, 2176 Abbotsbury
0 - 100K

The renewal of the play space at Plough and Harrow reinvigorates the park as a regional recreation destination within the Western Sydney Parklands. The project focuses on increasing the diversity of play experiences available, providing for a greater range of ages, and encouraging visitors to stay longer and visit more regularly.

Designed in conjunction with play expert Ric McConaghy, the play area provides large scale active experiences, including new ranges of interactive technological play equipment. The play area also focuses on discovery and interaction with colourful and planted mazes, water play and QR code discovery trails.


2014 National Playspace Design Awards – Highly Commended