Terminal Building Frankfurt Airport

Frankfurt/Main, Germany
menzel | kossowski Architekten
Flughafen Frankfurt, Frankfurt/Main, Germany

The so-called TERMINAL BUILDING links Frankfurt Airport with the German high-speed rail system. Hovering in an exposed position directly above the A3 interstate, the building, with its curved metal façade, creates a striking gateway to the airport. The approx. 200-meter long passenger tube, which links the high-speed railway station with Terminal 1 in the form of a bridge with an elliptical cross-section, is the backbone of the construction. In order to be able to realize the high-curvature facade, totally new construction elements had to be created, for example curved superstructure glazing (noise protection class 5) with spans of 2.80 m, curved glass sliding doors, de-icing facilities to prevent snow and ice falling on the interstate beneath, elliptically curved steel girders with spherically tapered profiles etc.

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