The Geoff Handbury Science and Technology Hub, Melbourne Grammar School

Photo © John Gollings
Photo © John Gollings
Photo © John Gollings
Photo © John Gollings
Photo © John Gollings
Photo © John Gollings
Denton Corker Marshall

Denton Corker Marshall was appointed by Melbourne Grammar School to undertake full architectural and interior design services for the School’s new Science + Technology Hub.

The School’s brief was to create a unique science and technology hub – the first of its kind in Australia. Our extensive involvement in ground-breaking medical research centres including Walter + Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and Hunter Medical Research Institute has enabled us to achieve an exemplar in collaborative teaching laboratories and design technology learning spaces.

The centre, known as The Geoff Handbury Science + Technology Hub, is an innovative piece of architecture in both performance and appearance. Aesthetically, it is a singular, clear and simple structural form, sympathetic to the campus heritage.

Internally, the building supports the scientific and technology driven investigations carried out by the students, and encourages creativity, learning and social interaction.

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