Ocean House

Rob Mills Architecture & Interiors
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This house is the story of land, its unique positioning between coast and forest, and the climatic conditions, informing the built outcomes’, Rob Mills

Ocean House was built by Rob Mills for himself, his family and friends as a place to gather by the beach in Victoria’s Lorne, and illustrates clearly how he practices what he preaches. The Ocean House, built on a prohibitively steep site combines the solidity of a cylindrical concrete form with the lightness and transparency of a glass and timber linear space. “The two personalities of the house really work together. The concrete section, which houses the bedrooms is very purposeful, sheltering the house from the storms and deadening sound, in contrast to the connections with nature in the living section’, he says.

Keenly tuned into the sensory aspects of the site he is aware that the sound of the ocean and the parallel connection to the forest is central to the sense of the calm in the house.

‘I really value a quiet space, a cool space, a warm space, the importance of fresh air cannot be underestimated – you need to be able to throw open doors and have cross ventilation’, says Mills.

His natural default position on interiors is organic and tactile in neutral, quality fabrics, stucco that feels like velvet and leather handles, limed blackbutt ceilings and quality furnishings by the world’s best designers: Piero Lissoni and Patricia Urquoila.

The house has been designed to function as two apartments to open the experience up to those who want to share his aesthetic first hand and can be booked through the website. http://www.oceanhouse.com.au/

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