SWRL, Glenfield to Leppington Rail Line - Integrated Art & Heritage Strategy

Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
KI Studio
Rickard Road, 2179 Leppington
100 000 - 1 million

KI Studio, with assistance of AMBS, heritage consultants, developed the art and heritage strategy for the overall project.

The design resolution focused on delivering an integral scheme that combined heritage interpretation, contemporary art and built form elements in a consolidated and interactive manner. This approach delivers an engaging and uncluttered display in high pedestrian traffic areas at platform and interchange levels.

The design delivered a sustainable solution that demonstrates innovative approaches in infrastructure. Key aspects include:

Economically: the integral approach allowed the client to maximise returns on invested capital by combining budgets.

Socially: expresses the cultural identity of the area, contributes to the sense of place, sustains the values of heritage places and landscapes and educates the surrounding community on the history of the locality. The displays included playful interpretations for children.

Environmentally: the integration of green walls as part of the art works contributes to enhancing the micro-climate. The integration of artworks with built form elements provided an efficient use of materials, limiting carbon footprints.

The result is a fusion of integrated landscape/urban design, historical research, sustainable approaches, micro-climate and community education.

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