Eastcom City Landscape Design

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Hangzhou, China
Eastern Communication Pty Ltd
Masterplan, landscape design & documentation, site surveillance

A 30 hectare site for a telecommunications factory for 4,500 workers for a Motorola joint venture.

The scheme transforms a polluted canal into a sustainable lake and canal system that recycles all storm water. Water is collected, cleaned, aerated and recycled for irrigation to transform the polluted existing canal into the “jewel” of the development. The design included; green space links, permeable carparks, recreation facilities and rationalisation of car park and road networks.

Sensitive drainage initiatives included; the recycling of all storm water from the buildings and roads within the site through vegetated swales, rock lined swales, wetland filters, to the newly created lake that incorporates aerating water terraces.

The project displays a bold and successful attempt to incorporate sensitive water planning and design in a new culture. The sustainability concepts and environmental initiatives have been marketed across the city, and the province. This innovative project is now used as a research project by the local University science department for student monitoring of water quality control.

“The Eastcom City project is a landmark project for Hangzhou and for the firm of Landscape Architects. The project features the transformation of an existing contaminated canal into a celebrated water feature through the implementation of water quality control techniques. These included the filtration of rooftop and pavement runoff through swales and filters, aeration, permeable car parks, recycling for irrigation and recirculation.” (AILA 2004 National Awards Jury)

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