Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez
Photo © Bene Hernandez

Sustainable design of Balmain residence

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Private Client
Concept design and construction documentation, landscape design

Demonstrative of KI STUDIO’s multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to our living environments, this sensitive and creative alteration and addition to an existing terrace within a Heritage Conservation Zone in Balmain overlooking Mort Bay and North Sydney, has produced delightful responses from residents, visitors and alike. Whilst maintaining the heritage street facade, the interior has been completely transformed into an open plan that captures natural light, ventilation and views of the surroundings. Indoor/outdoor spaces interplay with the built form, creating a seamless, varied journey of flowing spaces, from the entrance to the rear courtyard, and opening up to the north side towards the visual accent of a green wall and a water feature, all very “Zen” in simplicity and character.

Key environmental initiatives incorporated into the design included vertical gardens, planted green roof strip, rain water recycling, solar power, cross and vertical ventilation, passive solar energy, natural illumination, and LED lighting

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