The Discovery Centre

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Csiro, Canberra
Daryl Jackson Architects Pty Ltd
Landscape design & documentation, contract administration

The key approach for the landscape design was to respond to and to interact with, the architectural design and to create an effective forecourt to the building.

Key elements include:
The pavement design responds to the architectural language of the building by extending beyond the front entrance into the streetscape, engaging the public visually and spatially. The overall effect creates a grander forecourt than one that would have been strongly constrained by the road.

Innovative pavement design using complimentary “fingers” of dark grey coloured, normal concrete with dramatic yellow bands of concrete, creates a harmonious setting that sympathetically integrates with the yellow highlight on the building facades and the built form character. Strong geometric beds of native grasses and Lomandras pierce the pavement at selected points.

Native grasses, ferns and geographically significant rock boulders add to the native landscape of the surrounding ‘bush’ capital.

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