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Cox Architecture is one of the largest architectural practices in Australia/Asia with over 365 staff and 25 Directors across 7 offices in Australia & Internationally.  We provide services in architecture, planning, urban design and interior design.


The specialisations of COX are wide ranging. They include projects such as exhibition and convention centres, stadia and sports halls, tertiary and research facilities, galleries and museums, theatres, hotels and residential communities, commercial and mixed use developments.

2012 was a productive year for Cox Architecture throughout Australia with interesting projects in our traditional fields of education, cultural, commercial and sport architecture. Our diversity is also expressed in hotel, film studio and research projects. Current shifts are towards infrastructure and transport projects, and major health projects across the country. Internationally, we have been very busy, both in our Middle East office and in countries burgeoning despite the global financial crisis. They include India, Malaysia, Indonesia and China. For this purpose, we are in the process of setting up a centralised office for international architecture to manage this work, distinct from the branches that focus on work in the States and Territories.

Another significant trend is toward national clients with projects in several cities for which we have established inter-branch cooperatives to provide consistency of service and quality. Above all, we are focused on enhancing our reputation as design thinkers, as value adders both to the public realm of cities and to each project’s economic vitality.

Success in architecture is manifest in many ways, for us it is in maintaining a clear design ethos of influences and ideas that can generate diverse solutions responsive to our client’s objectives, whether corporation, community or individual.

2013 will present many challenges particular to a world characterised by changing environmental phenomena, financial conditions and societal interactions. Research and thinking are our sources of solving challenges and discovering ways to bring enrichment to people’s experience of the built environment.

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