Editora: IAPA

In 2018, the 15th anniversary of IAPA's operations in China, we have selected 32 works that have been the most representative of IAPA in the past 15 years, and compiled them as "DU °" to share with you, thank you for witnessing them all the way. Look forward to 2018 more people walk with us hand in hand.

"DU" is a Chinese character with rich connotation, and different word formation forms more abundant and changeable semantics. "DU" is an appropriate, flexible, interesting and possible definition of design, how to achieve "DU" is a topic worthy of consideration and discussion. We end up choosing a few specific numbers and combining them with degrees to create different associations. It is hoped that these leaping sparks of thought will lead to more extensive thinking from one point to another.

Autor: IAPA主创团队