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Elenberg Fraser – not your average architecture firm. An integrated design practice operating across the Asia-Pacific region, our buildings prove that good design leads to economic, social and cultural benefits. But what makes us so special?

Invention excites us. We address the needs of our clients, building users and the community by identifying the specific needs of each project. We ask the right questions without imposing pre-determined solutions and then we use our 6Ds process to take us to the invention stage. This process has opened people’s eyes to impossible realities. Who knew buildings could be both design-driven and market-driven?

Rather than applying a house style, our buildings are conceived in their own right, responding to their specific site, location and purpose. We don’t generalise across projects either – our job is to uncover and express the unique identity of each project, through built form.

The outcome is sensory – architecture that people can feel, not just see. Architecture that makes people think, acknowledging the origins of architecture and its plethora of influences, both ancient and modern.

Talented individuals and inspired collaboration form the driving force of our studios. Everyone brings their unique perspective and skills to each project, but most importantly their dedication to producing the best outcome for all stakeholders in the built environment.

We are conscious of the impact our buildings have on the city, its inhabitants and the environment. This awareness informs our work – we take pride in the end results but consider the effects and requirements of our projects beyond their completion, well into the future. We practice environmental design based on a first principles approach, inspired by the natural environment.

Through interrogation, invention and collaboration we produce experiential spaces that demand reaction.

Elenberg Fraser. Feel the difference.

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