Chris Bosse

Director (Sydney)
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Chris is Adjunct Professor and Innovation fellow at the University of Technology, Sydney and lectures worldwide. Educated in Germany and Switzerland, Chris worked with several high-profile European Architects before moving to Sydney. For a number of years Chris was Associate Architect at PTW Architects in Sydney, completing many projects in China, Vietnam, the Middle-East and Japan. Chris's work on the Watercube swimming center in Beijing received the prestigious Atmosphere Award at the 9th Annual Venice Biennale and Chris was recently recognized as an emerging architect on the world stage by the RIBA London.

Tobias Wallisser

Director (Berlin)
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Tobias is Professor of Innovative Construction and Spatial concepts at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart. After studying architecture in Berlin, Stuttgart and New York, Tobias worked in the United States, Netherlands and Germany. For 10 years Tobias was Associate Architect at UNStudio in Amsterdam, completing a series of high profil projects and master plans including the World Trade Center project in New York and the Arnhem Interchange. Tobias was instrumental in the emergence of the recent Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Museum which has attracted worldwide attention for its innovative spatial concept.

Alexander Rieck

Director (Stuttgart)
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Alexander works as a senior researcher at the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart. He studied architecture in Stuttgart and Phoenix and worked for a number of high-profile architects in Germany before joining the field of research. He started his research career in the Virtual Reality environment. Alexander has led many of the Office 21 research projects that produced groundbreaking work in the field of future office organisation. He is a renowned expert on innovations in the fields of office, hotel, living and future construction, and an author of many publications about working environments and building processes of the future.