Australian Embassy Jakarta

Photo © Tim Griffith
Photo © Tim Griffith
Photo © Tim Griffith
Photo © Tim Griffith
Photo © Tim Griffith
Photo © Tim Griffith
Denton Corker Marshall

Selected in a limited design competition, the Australian Embassy complex houses the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and 13 other government departments and agencies.

The complex comprises Chancery, Executive Residence, 32 staff accommodation units, clinic and recreational facilities, compliant with mandated security. It provides sufficient space, functionality and amenity for all occupants.

The visual imagery of the Chancery, as a reflection of an expression of Australia, works at a number of levels. The form is uncomplicated, direct but at the same time powerful and memorable. It is unequivocal and confident. It does not look superficially ‘Australia’, but relies on a more subtle reading of the Australian character. The materials reflect not only characteristic colours of the Australian landscape but also convey something of the natural resources and mineral wealth.

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