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Future Hotel Showcase - Hotel Room Prototype

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InHouse2, Duisburg, Allemagne
Fraunhofer Institute

LAVA recently joined the research project ‘Future Hotel' led by the Fraunhofer Institute. In this project, the academic partners from Fraunhofer -together with industrial partners- research the next generation of hotel spaces. The showcase of the Future Hotel study already integrates the first ideas developed. Looking for a calm yet stimulating space, we designed a room where all infrastructure and services are integrated into a continuous wall system. A combination of fluid and edgy forms with hard and soft materials provides a contemporary atmosphere. State-of-the-art product developments and innovations of many leading industry partners unite to create a unique spatial experience. Acting as a flexible interface between man and the surrounding space, cutting edge technologies and services provide a new quality of individual control for guests. The showcase prototype is manufactured using CNC techniques as well as craft and will function as a testing ground for further research and innovation. The project forms part of the Fraunhofer Inhaus Project in Duisburg and will has opened in November 2008.

Area: 36,7 sqm

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